The Eye of War

The story begins during fall in the small town of Hillsborough n the Inn Withbeer. Bartelbee Jones is the mayor of the town. The party was recruited by the elf Aramil Dealonor to raid the Keep of the Goliathin. The party was successful. The party found part of a map to the Pen Island.

The party drinks mead and Decemberfest. Rolen gave the wimp a sword. Dirk forges the map. They take the map to Bartelbee who directs them to Evenston in the North.

The party heads to Evenston. They encounter goblins along the way.

Along the rode they find a cave with a Brass Dragon Wyrmling.
They made short work of the Dragon and found Boots of Striding and Springing and Eyes of the Eagle.


CisleAims Bartimo

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