The Eye of War

Mucking about with Bard intentions

The day began with Rolland, Fallon, and Dirk sitting about camp regaling each other with tales of anime and sonic the hedgehog, but such times of mirth and comradery are always far too brief for adventures, and soon they set off to continue their way north to Evenston. After a few hours of travel they came across a curious site, a robed elf hanging upside down in a tree. After an extensive examining of the crafty trap which had ensnared the Elf, they came up with an ingeniously inspired way to free him – They cut the rope. Once freed the Elf introduced himself as Muck, a Wizard in search of adventure. They party agreed to allow Muck to Join them and they continued North.
Shortly into their journey Fallon and Roland stumbled into a hole that had been lightly covered over. Down inside the hole they found a passage leading down further under the earth. The party discussed how to proceed, and eventually decided to explore the tunnel (the author feels the need to point out that Dirk was soundly against this clearly foolish waste of time and only agreed to it because the rest of the party would surely perish without his leadership). Inside the tunnel they came across a pair of hands sticking up from a pile of rubble which were holding a map and a banjo. Once realizing the owner of the hands was still alive they freed him from the ruble and he introduced himself as Bard, a Bard which was sent to this Dungeon to find his fortune.
The map Bard had named this dungeon Vapul, and the party was able to use the map to figure their location inside of it. Once they had their bearings they began to explore. Soon they found themselves stymied by a locked door. Unable to pick it they instead blew it up, revealing the Otyugh behind it. The party worked together to take the beast down, but it had managed to inject a foul poison into Dirk during the struggle. The party pressed on, and Muck was able to prove his worth by discovering a trap, and then disarming it with his magic. Near this trap they found writing on the walls which they translated to say “You will not leave here alive”. Dirk believed that this message made an excellent point and recommended the party leave while they could, but they foolishly ignored his wisdom and decided to continue. In the next room they encountered a Skeleton Minotaur which they dispatched of. They searched the room and found a cache of many valuables hidden behind a wall. Father on they encountered two more Skeleton minotaur’s and battle was joined. It was a difficult fight, and Dirk was gravely wounded, but they prevailed. In the last room of the Dungeon the party found a fountain to the God Tiamat as well as a floating brain creature called a Grell. They killed the Grell and examined the room. In compartment in the fountain Muck found a potion of fire breath. According to experts, it was foolish to do all that questing for a potion of fire breath and the probably just should have gone to Evenston like Dirk suggested.


CisleAims Bartimo

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