The Eye of War

The Next Day

Over the body of an innocent wyrmling

After desecrating the body of the innocent wyrmling… the group heads north towards Evenston.
On the fourth day of travel, they see a giant stone rooster with an inscription, “To my dear Lucy, may you crow forever in heaven.” They find bodies of dead chickens. Rolen converts to Lucianism. They find some bloody footprints and decide to follow it. They find a hut and a beautiful younger women. Rolen talks to the chickens and find that the creator of the statue is known as “The one that feeds us all.” or “Cluck Cluck Gobble Gobble”.
The party is attacked by worgs, Rolen cooks one and nearly gags. P.s. the chicken that Phalen cooked was delicious.
The party was attack by giant vultures. Rolen did not warn anyone. Everyone but Dirk fell unconscious.
The party managed to convince an Ankylosaurus that they were not in fact trying to steal it’s eggs and walked away, albeit with a massive lump on Rolen’s head.


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