The Eye of War

The F(l)ound(er)ing of Char-lot

For 3 days the adventurers watched the city of Evenston and surrounding forests burn. Once it had cooled enough they traveled back across the river to examine the remains of the city. In the searching the party finds 114 survivors which had found shelter underground and they brought them all to the town hall, where the stone walls had been strong enough to remain standing through the inferno.

The group led the survivors in rebuilding and soon the small town begin to grow under their leadership. Over the next few months another 1300 people moved to the Char-lot. Glarung took over the position of Sherrif and kept order in town and set form to improving its prison system. Muck, Rollan, and and Dirk all campaigned to be mayor of the town, and when the votes were counted Muck had a commanding lead of 2143 votes. There were some questions of the votings legitimacy, as there were rumors that there were a number of heavily bandaged men writing “Muck” sloppily on pieces of paper for 72 hours straight prior to the vote, and the inconvenient fact that there were more votes for Muck then townspeople, but it turns out that election law had not been very well addressed in the town charter and Muck was made mayor.

Not to be detered by their losses in the election, Rollan built a shrine to Lucy and manged to convert 32% of the town to Luciansim. Dirk went on to create Dirks Dump. A very fine gaming hall near the city docks.

All was well in town for a time. Rollan preached, Muck led the efforts to plow and irrigate the land outside the town, Glarung kept order, and Dirk Drank. Life seemed pretty good.

While tending the bar one evening, Dirk stuck up an conversation with Honest Pete, a new sailor in town that seemed to have some information on where to find the other half of the map to Pen Island. He told Dirk that the 2nd half of the map was rumored to be located in a boathouse with a smiling face to the north of the kingdom of Carolina. Pete drove a hard bargain for his information, and managed to get 160 gold out of Dirk during the conversation.

Garlung was in the bar during this conversation and overheard Dirk and Honest Petes deal. He did not believe Pete was giving good information and arrested him on the spot with a charge of extortion. He was taken to Muck and given the choice of losing his hand or working for 2 years on the ditch digging project. He opted to take the work and was taken to the fields to begin his labor.

That evening the bar was rife with angry patrons who were upset that Honest Pete had been arrested for making what had been in all appearances a fair trade. Dirk, worried about possible violence, sent a runner to Garlung to make him aware of the situation.

Garlung showed up to the bar to try and keep things calm, but his presence only served to make the crowd angrier. Eventually the tension came to a head and a patron attacked Garlung by throwing a glass at him. The glass missed, but it did break one of Driks Fancy windows and it was enough to set the crowd to riot. Garlung, Drik, and Rollan all attempted to quell the crowd with words before things got out of hand, but the mob was not to be stopped and after trashing the bar they stormed out to confront the mayor.

Rollan sprinted ahead of the crowd to warn the mayor that there was a riot. Muck used the power of suggestion to make Honest Pete strip naked and run through the town yelling “Im a Vampire”

The crowed reached town hall and attacked Deputy Mayor Phil Collins, and a few of Phils guards were wounded, but before any more harm could be done Honest Pete ran past doing his vampire thing and that confused everyone enough that the temperature of the crowd cooled down and no more violence was incited.

The mob dispersed, very unhappy with the happenings in town, and in the mutters a number of calls supporting the kingdom of Arren were heard.

The creation of Char-lotte (Emphasis level: Important)
A case study of fire by Rolen


The last entry in our log book was relatively interesting. It involved a few crazy things, like the murdering of a rogue and few other deaths, but it was otherwise the tale of a few “heroes” who were out trying to save a town. This is the story of how that devolved into something almost, but not entirely unlike the previous adventure.

After the dragon had been felled, the adventurers regained their wits and consciousness and set out for the town in order to drop off their bounty of skulls in exchange for some coin. Once there, they managed to engage the Mayor in a negotiation and they were about to gain 200 gold for their catch. Just then, Muck had decided that he had had enough of this style of payment and asked the mayor why he shouldn’t just agree to help the “Colonel.” This spurred Dirk into attempting to start a strike, claiming that the workers could find better wages and grateful villagers elsewhere. Unfortunately, all of that backfired spectacularly.

Shortly after the speeches had ended, some guards appeared and looked to be making a beeline directly towards out “heroes.” Rolen noticed this and ran off before the guards had made their approach. Dirk was apprehended and, after struggling a bit, was brought to the jail by the guards. Muck spend a few minutes in custody before Mist Stepping away and eventually rejoining Rolen outside of the town.

Rolen and Muck made their way to the gate on the opposite side of town during the next day in order to try and free Dirk. On the way, Muck found a body that he “brought back to life” (necromancy) and called Fred Friendly. Once done, they made their way to the gates and Rolen convinced a squirrel to help distract the guards. He was caught sneaking in while Muck was setting a few of the buildings close to the wall on fire.

On his way to the jail, Rolen’s money was stolen. Once in the jail, Rolen cast Spiked Growth around the guards until his money was returned. They fired a few volleys of arrows at him, but then tossed him the money. Rolen dropped the spell and was promptly bound as the guards entered his cell and grappled him. Dirk had, during much of this time, been trying to befriend or taunt his captors without much success.

During the imprisonment of Dirk and Rolen, the fire had been spreading thanks to the efforts of Muck. He had been using his Flaming Sphere and his familiar to spread flames enough to distract the guards. Fred attacked the guards while this was happening in order to provide cover for Muck. Unfortunately for him, bodies don’t really stand up to intense heat and he was lost to the flames. The fire, however, caught on its own and quickly spread around a town that was completely unprepared for such an event.

File Photo: Evanston Chamber of Commerce

Finally, as the fire was spreading towards the jail, Dirk managed to convince a guard to fight him as Rolen was also able to escape from his captors who had entered the cell to bind him. As Rolen ran outside, the guards panicked due to the inferno that was raging around them and ran. Dirk took a moment to gather his equipment from the jail and high tailed it out of there. Dirk and Rolen ran to a dinghy that was sitting near a dock on the river and shoved off.

The dinghy caught on fire and start to go up in flame. Rolen and Dirk managed to put it off, though Rolen lost a bit of hair during the fight. Dirk then rowed the dinghy to shore where the party was reunited. Dirk questioned Muck as to the origin of the fire and Muck failed to bluff his was out of the blame. Dirk agreed to continue adventuring with Muck on the condition that Muck now contributes half of his share of any gold to his orphanage and stay away from the city of Burgas without Dirk’s approval.

Unknown to the “heroes” of this tale as of this point, both Hillsborough and Muck’s Hollow were destroyed by the out of control blaze. Miraculously, the farm of Cluck Cluck Gobble Gobble was untouched. The death toll was an astonishing 6,912 people.

The curse of Falen
AKA Mucks' Adventures

Leaving off from when the adventures lost their battle with the giant undead chicken like creature gobble goo. They noticed the their dragon-born warlock Falen had perished in the battle.

The great Muck who is a practicing necromancer attempted to revive Falen for his own devious intentions.Which are still unknown to the group at this time. Around the second time attempt at reviving Falen, there was a loud crash and a thud. What landed was another dragon-born creature and apparently Falens twin brother Fralen. Fralen had felt Falens life force wither and immediately hopped on to a make shift catapult and launched himself in the direction of his missing brother.

When he landed he saw Falen resurrected body, but it was a bit odd because he no longer had the same connection that he did with his brother. It was as something was missing and there was a blank gaze in Falen eyes.Fralen immediately wanted to know what happened but then a ninja!! no a rogue appeared and ran back to town. For some reason in the confusion this rogue was killed and then resurrected by muck!!?? who knows why??

Something devious was happening and it was not good.The adventures went along their way in search of some creature known has cluck cluck gobble goo or was it gobble gobble?? They did find this cassuary and immediately got their revenge but along the way Fralen was killed……

Yet soon as he was killed another loud appeared and it was Glaurung another twin of Falen and Fralen so maybe that means they are triplets. He also shot himself in the air from a catapult. When he landed Muck had revived his armless brother. Thinking thing were amiss with his two brothers he began keeping tabs on Muck, there seems to be evil intentions afoot.

The adventures decided to head back to town to claim their reward, but along they fought a blue dragon. They were able to attack and kill this dragon for much XP!!!

The Shopping Spree
or How we got the crap kick out of us

The “Heroes” had just cleaned out the cave/ dungeon, reaching the logical stopping point of collapsed-in descending staircase and rest at the alter of Tiamat. The intrepid Muck decide to lay claim to the cleansed cavern – while Fallon decided most uncouthly to take a dump on it – Not take a dump discreetly in the one of the many winding dead hallways, but to use the fountain centerpiece alter to Tiamat as a bidet.

After some hijinx and a chastisement to Fallon, the “heroes” left the recently christened “Muck’s Hollow,” managing to mustard their full courage and bravely walk to the port town Evanston. They keenly observed the walled city had within the hour been attacked, noticing the extremely hastily thrown together gate; barring entry to the town, barely.


The useless guards informed the heroes that they had been attacked by undead cassowaries – Fiendish dire-birds, filled with cruel malice. (Possibly, in their distant past life finger-lickin’ good)


The monsterous devil birds of destruction were sent by the powerful necromancer Colonel Harland David Sanders. Not much is none of the reclusive Col. Sanders, other than he sends harding-hitting undead birds to besieges towns for some reason.


The adventures made their way into the town center and met briefly with the mayor for a briefing. The mayor placed a reward of 5 gold per cassowary head brought to him. The adventures bravely set off not to battle, but shopping.

Dirk set a quest upon himself to find lock-pick tools, seeking the aid of the local locksmiths guild in aiding his adventure. Instead of the more receptive approach of asking the guild for lock-picking tools – he ask for “A Set of Thieves Tools” FROM THE LOCKSMITHS GUILD – When the guild member rebuffed Dirk’s request – Dirk was in shock. Still determined, Dirk planned to break in to the Locksmiths’ Guild hall – to his surprise, it was locked up tight.

Meanwhile Muck and Fallon, visited Ye Olde Magik Shoppe – Muck purchased a spell and Fallon got thrown out.

Finally, the gang went in the wilds to hunt the bones devils. Muck was one-shotted, and out for the whole fight. Rolland, Fallon, and Dirk struggled on, the tide was not with them. After grimly busting the beaks of several cassawaries, a huge bird-monster spit and pecked the dickens out of them – In the end, Rolland, Dirk, and Muck were barely alive and sadly Fallon had fallen.

Mucking about with Bard intentions

The day began with Rolland, Fallon, and Dirk sitting about camp regaling each other with tales of anime and sonic the hedgehog, but such times of mirth and comradery are always far too brief for adventures, and soon they set off to continue their way north to Evenston. After a few hours of travel they came across a curious site, a robed elf hanging upside down in a tree. After an extensive examining of the crafty trap which had ensnared the Elf, they came up with an ingeniously inspired way to free him – They cut the rope. Once freed the Elf introduced himself as Muck, a Wizard in search of adventure. They party agreed to allow Muck to Join them and they continued North.
Shortly into their journey Fallon and Roland stumbled into a hole that had been lightly covered over. Down inside the hole they found a passage leading down further under the earth. The party discussed how to proceed, and eventually decided to explore the tunnel (the author feels the need to point out that Dirk was soundly against this clearly foolish waste of time and only agreed to it because the rest of the party would surely perish without his leadership). Inside the tunnel they came across a pair of hands sticking up from a pile of rubble which were holding a map and a banjo. Once realizing the owner of the hands was still alive they freed him from the ruble and he introduced himself as Bard, a Bard which was sent to this Dungeon to find his fortune.
The map Bard had named this dungeon Vapul, and the party was able to use the map to figure their location inside of it. Once they had their bearings they began to explore. Soon they found themselves stymied by a locked door. Unable to pick it they instead blew it up, revealing the Otyugh behind it. The party worked together to take the beast down, but it had managed to inject a foul poison into Dirk during the struggle. The party pressed on, and Muck was able to prove his worth by discovering a trap, and then disarming it with his magic. Near this trap they found writing on the walls which they translated to say “You will not leave here alive”. Dirk believed that this message made an excellent point and recommended the party leave while they could, but they foolishly ignored his wisdom and decided to continue. In the next room they encountered a Skeleton Minotaur which they dispatched of. They searched the room and found a cache of many valuables hidden behind a wall. Father on they encountered two more Skeleton minotaur’s and battle was joined. It was a difficult fight, and Dirk was gravely wounded, but they prevailed. In the last room of the Dungeon the party found a fountain to the God Tiamat as well as a floating brain creature called a Grell. They killed the Grell and examined the room. In compartment in the fountain Muck found a potion of fire breath. According to experts, it was foolish to do all that questing for a potion of fire breath and the probably just should have gone to Evenston like Dirk suggested.

The Next Day
Over the body of an innocent wyrmling

After desecrating the body of the innocent wyrmling… the group heads north towards Evenston.
On the fourth day of travel, they see a giant stone rooster with an inscription, “To my dear Lucy, may you crow forever in heaven.” They find bodies of dead chickens. Rolen converts to Lucianism. They find some bloody footprints and decide to follow it. They find a hut and a beautiful younger women. Rolen talks to the chickens and find that the creator of the statue is known as “The one that feeds us all.” or “Cluck Cluck Gobble Gobble”.
The party is attacked by worgs, Rolen cooks one and nearly gags. P.s. the chicken that Phalen cooked was delicious.
The party was attack by giant vultures. Rolen did not warn anyone. Everyone but Dirk fell unconscious.
The party managed to convince an Ankylosaurus that they were not in fact trying to steal it’s eggs and walked away, albeit with a massive lump on Rolen’s head.

The story begins

The story begins during fall in the small town of Hillsborough n the Inn Withbeer. Bartelbee Jones is the mayor of the town. The party was recruited by the elf Aramil Dealonor to raid the Keep of the Goliathin. The party was successful. The party found part of a map to the Pen Island.

The party drinks mead and Decemberfest. Rolen gave the wimp a sword. Dirk forges the map. They take the map to Bartelbee who directs them to Evenston in the North.

The party heads to Evenston. They encounter goblins along the way.

Along the rode they find a cave with a Brass Dragon Wyrmling.
They made short work of the Dragon and found Boots of Striding and Springing and Eyes of the Eagle.

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