The Eye of War

The curse of Falen

AKA Mucks' Adventures

Leaving off from when the adventures lost their battle with the giant undead chicken like creature gobble goo. They noticed the their dragon-born warlock Falen had perished in the battle.

The great Muck who is a practicing necromancer attempted to revive Falen for his own devious intentions.Which are still unknown to the group at this time. Around the second time attempt at reviving Falen, there was a loud crash and a thud. What landed was another dragon-born creature and apparently Falens twin brother Fralen. Fralen had felt Falens life force wither and immediately hopped on to a make shift catapult and launched himself in the direction of his missing brother.

When he landed he saw Falen resurrected body, but it was a bit odd because he no longer had the same connection that he did with his brother. It was as something was missing and there was a blank gaze in Falen eyes.Fralen immediately wanted to know what happened but then a ninja!! no a rogue appeared and ran back to town. For some reason in the confusion this rogue was killed and then resurrected by muck!!?? who knows why??

Something devious was happening and it was not good.The adventures went along their way in search of some creature known has cluck cluck gobble goo or was it gobble gobble?? They did find this cassuary and immediately got their revenge but along the way Fralen was killed……

Yet soon as he was killed another loud appeared and it was Glaurung another twin of Falen and Fralen so maybe that means they are triplets. He also shot himself in the air from a catapult. When he landed Muck had revived his armless brother. Thinking thing were amiss with his two brothers he began keeping tabs on Muck, there seems to be evil intentions afoot.

The adventures decided to head back to town to claim their reward, but along they fought a blue dragon. They were able to attack and kill this dragon for much XP!!!


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