The Eye of War

The F(l)ound(er)ing of Char-lot

For 3 days the adventurers watched the city of Evenston and surrounding forests burn. Once it had cooled enough they traveled back across the river to examine the remains of the city. In the searching the party finds 114 survivors which had found shelter underground and they brought them all to the town hall, where the stone walls had been strong enough to remain standing through the inferno.

The group led the survivors in rebuilding and soon the small town begin to grow under their leadership. Over the next few months another 1300 people moved to the Char-lot. Glarung took over the position of Sherrif and kept order in town and set form to improving its prison system. Muck, Rollan, and and Dirk all campaigned to be mayor of the town, and when the votes were counted Muck had a commanding lead of 2143 votes. There were some questions of the votings legitimacy, as there were rumors that there were a number of heavily bandaged men writing “Muck” sloppily on pieces of paper for 72 hours straight prior to the vote, and the inconvenient fact that there were more votes for Muck then townspeople, but it turns out that election law had not been very well addressed in the town charter and Muck was made mayor.

Not to be detered by their losses in the election, Rollan built a shrine to Lucy and manged to convert 32% of the town to Luciansim. Dirk went on to create Dirks Dump. A very fine gaming hall near the city docks.

All was well in town for a time. Rollan preached, Muck led the efforts to plow and irrigate the land outside the town, Glarung kept order, and Dirk Drank. Life seemed pretty good.

While tending the bar one evening, Dirk stuck up an conversation with Honest Pete, a new sailor in town that seemed to have some information on where to find the other half of the map to Pen Island. He told Dirk that the 2nd half of the map was rumored to be located in a boathouse with a smiling face to the north of the kingdom of Carolina. Pete drove a hard bargain for his information, and managed to get 160 gold out of Dirk during the conversation.

Garlung was in the bar during this conversation and overheard Dirk and Honest Petes deal. He did not believe Pete was giving good information and arrested him on the spot with a charge of extortion. He was taken to Muck and given the choice of losing his hand or working for 2 years on the ditch digging project. He opted to take the work and was taken to the fields to begin his labor.

That evening the bar was rife with angry patrons who were upset that Honest Pete had been arrested for making what had been in all appearances a fair trade. Dirk, worried about possible violence, sent a runner to Garlung to make him aware of the situation.

Garlung showed up to the bar to try and keep things calm, but his presence only served to make the crowd angrier. Eventually the tension came to a head and a patron attacked Garlung by throwing a glass at him. The glass missed, but it did break one of Driks Fancy windows and it was enough to set the crowd to riot. Garlung, Drik, and Rollan all attempted to quell the crowd with words before things got out of hand, but the mob was not to be stopped and after trashing the bar they stormed out to confront the mayor.

Rollan sprinted ahead of the crowd to warn the mayor that there was a riot. Muck used the power of suggestion to make Honest Pete strip naked and run through the town yelling “Im a Vampire”

The crowed reached town hall and attacked Deputy Mayor Phil Collins, and a few of Phils guards were wounded, but before any more harm could be done Honest Pete ran past doing his vampire thing and that confused everyone enough that the temperature of the crowd cooled down and no more violence was incited.

The mob dispersed, very unhappy with the happenings in town, and in the mutters a number of calls supporting the kingdom of Arren were heard.


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