The Eye of War

The Shopping Spree

or How we got the crap kick out of us

The “Heroes” had just cleaned out the cave/ dungeon, reaching the logical stopping point of collapsed-in descending staircase and rest at the alter of Tiamat. The intrepid Muck decide to lay claim to the cleansed cavern – while Fallon decided most uncouthly to take a dump on it – Not take a dump discreetly in the one of the many winding dead hallways, but to use the fountain centerpiece alter to Tiamat as a bidet.

After some hijinx and a chastisement to Fallon, the “heroes” left the recently christened “Muck’s Hollow,” managing to mustard their full courage and bravely walk to the port town Evanston. They keenly observed the walled city had within the hour been attacked, noticing the extremely hastily thrown together gate; barring entry to the town, barely.


The useless guards informed the heroes that they had been attacked by undead cassowaries – Fiendish dire-birds, filled with cruel malice. (Possibly, in their distant past life finger-lickin’ good)


The monsterous devil birds of destruction were sent by the powerful necromancer Colonel Harland David Sanders. Not much is none of the reclusive Col. Sanders, other than he sends harding-hitting undead birds to besieges towns for some reason.


The adventures made their way into the town center and met briefly with the mayor for a briefing. The mayor placed a reward of 5 gold per cassowary head brought to him. The adventures bravely set off not to battle, but shopping.

Dirk set a quest upon himself to find lock-pick tools, seeking the aid of the local locksmiths guild in aiding his adventure. Instead of the more receptive approach of asking the guild for lock-picking tools – he ask for “A Set of Thieves Tools” FROM THE LOCKSMITHS GUILD – When the guild member rebuffed Dirk’s request – Dirk was in shock. Still determined, Dirk planned to break in to the Locksmiths’ Guild hall – to his surprise, it was locked up tight.

Meanwhile Muck and Fallon, visited Ye Olde Magik Shoppe – Muck purchased a spell and Fallon got thrown out.

Finally, the gang went in the wilds to hunt the bones devils. Muck was one-shotted, and out for the whole fight. Rolland, Fallon, and Dirk struggled on, the tide was not with them. After grimly busting the beaks of several cassawaries, a huge bird-monster spit and pecked the dickens out of them – In the end, Rolland, Dirk, and Muck were barely alive and sadly Fallon had fallen.


CisleAims corey_gregory

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