The Eye of War

The creation of Char-lotte (Emphasis level: Important)

A case study of fire by Rolen


The last entry in our log book was relatively interesting. It involved a few crazy things, like the murdering of a rogue and few other deaths, but it was otherwise the tale of a few “heroes” who were out trying to save a town. This is the story of how that devolved into something almost, but not entirely unlike the previous adventure.

After the dragon had been felled, the adventurers regained their wits and consciousness and set out for the town in order to drop off their bounty of skulls in exchange for some coin. Once there, they managed to engage the Mayor in a negotiation and they were about to gain 200 gold for their catch. Just then, Muck had decided that he had had enough of this style of payment and asked the mayor why he shouldn’t just agree to help the “Colonel.” This spurred Dirk into attempting to start a strike, claiming that the workers could find better wages and grateful villagers elsewhere. Unfortunately, all of that backfired spectacularly.

Shortly after the speeches had ended, some guards appeared and looked to be making a beeline directly towards out “heroes.” Rolen noticed this and ran off before the guards had made their approach. Dirk was apprehended and, after struggling a bit, was brought to the jail by the guards. Muck spend a few minutes in custody before Mist Stepping away and eventually rejoining Rolen outside of the town.

Rolen and Muck made their way to the gate on the opposite side of town during the next day in order to try and free Dirk. On the way, Muck found a body that he “brought back to life” (necromancy) and called Fred Friendly. Once done, they made their way to the gates and Rolen convinced a squirrel to help distract the guards. He was caught sneaking in while Muck was setting a few of the buildings close to the wall on fire.

On his way to the jail, Rolen’s money was stolen. Once in the jail, Rolen cast Spiked Growth around the guards until his money was returned. They fired a few volleys of arrows at him, but then tossed him the money. Rolen dropped the spell and was promptly bound as the guards entered his cell and grappled him. Dirk had, during much of this time, been trying to befriend or taunt his captors without much success.

During the imprisonment of Dirk and Rolen, the fire had been spreading thanks to the efforts of Muck. He had been using his Flaming Sphere and his familiar to spread flames enough to distract the guards. Fred attacked the guards while this was happening in order to provide cover for Muck. Unfortunately for him, bodies don’t really stand up to intense heat and he was lost to the flames. The fire, however, caught on its own and quickly spread around a town that was completely unprepared for such an event.

File Photo: Evanston Chamber of Commerce

Finally, as the fire was spreading towards the jail, Dirk managed to convince a guard to fight him as Rolen was also able to escape from his captors who had entered the cell to bind him. As Rolen ran outside, the guards panicked due to the inferno that was raging around them and ran. Dirk took a moment to gather his equipment from the jail and high tailed it out of there. Dirk and Rolen ran to a dinghy that was sitting near a dock on the river and shoved off.

The dinghy caught on fire and start to go up in flame. Rolen and Dirk managed to put it off, though Rolen lost a bit of hair during the fight. Dirk then rowed the dinghy to shore where the party was reunited. Dirk questioned Muck as to the origin of the fire and Muck failed to bluff his was out of the blame. Dirk agreed to continue adventuring with Muck on the condition that Muck now contributes half of his share of any gold to his orphanage and stay away from the city of Burgas without Dirk’s approval.

Unknown to the “heroes” of this tale as of this point, both Hillsborough and Muck’s Hollow were destroyed by the out of control blaze. Miraculously, the farm of Cluck Cluck Gobble Gobble was untouched. The death toll was an astonishing 6,912 people.


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